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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Help Austin Become a World-Class Design Destination

We have the talent, we have the luxury clients, we have the creative spirit and sophistication.  All that is missing are world-class resources. 

The Marketplace concept grew directly out feedback from our colleagues in the design/build industry in Austin.  After years of hearing about the frustrations of trips to Houston, Dallas, High Point and New York to find the best architectural and design products, it was clear it was time for Austin to expand access to these resources. 

The mission of The Marketplace is to support the design/build industry and help Austin shine as a world-class design destination, increasing success, prosperity and much-deserved recognition of the city’s talent.

The Marketplace is bringing the best of design to Austin, and we’d love for you to be a part of this project!

Austin Design Marketplace Interior 1

What is The Marketplace?

A To-the-Trade Resource  

The Marketplace will be a to-the-trade/wholesale shopping destination featuring showcases from local, national and global brands.  We will highlight a variety of product categories including furniture, upholstery, rugs, lighting, flooring, tile, accessories and more, focusing on the mid-to-luxury range of products.  Trade shoppers will be able to see products in person and bring their clients to the showroom to make selections. 

A Brand Marketing System

The Marketplace isn't just a showroom, it is a brand marketing system helping products grow their presence and profitability in the hot Austin market.  Unlike a traditional showroom, The Marketplace doesn’t process transactions, so vendors and buyers transact directly to complete the sale. Vendors can have a touch-and-feel display and connect with trade customers without the cost and commitment of a full showroom. 

An Industry Hub

Envisioned as an industry hub, The Marketplace will be a gathering place bringing together the various professional disciplines and product/service providers in a welcoming, energizing atmosphere.  We will host regular popups and special guests to highlight new and exciting products and services, plus provide educational and social programming to help professionals expand their knowledge and businesses. 

Austin Design Marketplace Interior 2

Our Progress

  • Focus groups and surveys are ongoing to identify the brands and services desired by the design community and benefits we can offer Vendor Partners.  

  • A marketing list of over 4000 local contacts in the design/build industry has been built, regular newsletters and events are already in progress.  

  • A lease has been signed and plans are being submitted to the city for approval.  We hope to start construction by October 2022.  We expect to open in Q1 2023.  

  • Two Founding Investor/Advisors have been secured with several additional Founding Investor prospects in discussion. 


With the changing nature of the interior design industry and retail/wholesale dynamics, to-the-trade design brands are reluctant to invest in large showrooms which require long leases and dedicated staff.  However, the need to experience products in-person remains.  

The Marketplace offers brands a way to test the waters in Austin, providing display space, support staff and marketing programs, all in one package that can be as short as one year.  It also allows local brands that have been anxious to improve their penetration in the design industry a chance to expand their exposure without committing to a long lease. 

On the professional side, designers, architects and builders are frustrated with a limited choice of products available locally.  The resources that are available are spread throughout the city and in to the Hill Country, making shopping inefficient. 

Professionals will welcome a single destination with multiple products and enjoy the amenities The Marketplace will offer, including a conference room and coffee bar. 

Flat lay of creative architect moodboard composition with samples of building, textile and natural materials and personal accessories. Top view, grey background, template

Customer Profile

Product and Service Vendors

The primary customers of The Marketplace are product and service vendors that sell to the design professional, products like furniture, rugs, lighting, flooring, fabric and accessories, and services like painting, custom upholstery, custom wood and metalwork and more.  

Trade Professionals: Interior Designers, Architects, Custom Builders

Our secondary customers are the trade professionals themselves; interior designers, architects and custom builders who buy products at wholesale in order to serve their end client.  The professional will not pay a fee to use The Marketplace, although some premium memberships may be developed later. 

Our customer base does not currently include the end consumer; the homeowner or business owner using the services of the professionals.  Access to The Marketplace is restricted to pre-registered Trade members and their guests.

See more details in the business plan available for download at the right of this page.

Key Selling Propositions: Flexibility and Exposure 

The Marketplace isn't just a showroom, it is a brand marketing system helping products grow their presence and profitability in the hot Austin market.

Designed to take advantage of the changing nature of both the high-end design industry and of wholesale and retail sales, The Marketplace provides flexible, low-commitment space to allow brands to adjust as the market does. 

Showcase packages include:

  • Display space: 100-500 square feet available

  • Promotion in our 4000-member local trade pro list 

  • Knowledgeable staff trained on product highlights who can answer questions

  • Ambitious marketing of both The Marketplace and individual brands to local and regional trade professionals

  • Packages range from $1200-$5000 per month, all-inclusive


Compared to a full, standalone showroom, a Marketplace Showcase is a much less expensive way to reach target customers. 

Standalone showroom versus Austin Design Marketplace monthly cost


Anita Erickson Stile Studio Headshot


Anita Erickson, Founder and CEO of The Marketplace, is a veteran marketing executive with experience at both Fortune 500 companies and startups. She has decades-long experience building marketing programs, especially for small businesses.  Anita has founded three design-related companies personally and has deep knowledge of and relationships within the design/build industries. 

The business team has been engaged, including attorneys, fractional CFO, bookkeeper, real estate broker and business coach. 

Two Founding Investors are also acting as advisors, and we plan to add an additional 3-4 industry veterans to our Advisory Board. 

Hear from one of our Founding Investors, Lieve Sather of Turnstyle Design.

Financing and Use of Funds

We are raising funds through various channels: founder equity, business loans, direct investors and crowdfunding.  Our base expenses will be covered by equity, loans and direct investors.  Additional startup dollars will allow us to build out a more robust conference room, coffee bar and hire additional staff to make the Marketplace an even more dynamic shopping destination and industry hub. We will also use some of the crowdfund income to pay down an existing business line of credit, ensuring that this line of credit is available if needed down the line.  

See more details in the business plan available for download at the right of this page.


Investor Repayment

This investment is structured as a debt, so investors will receive their initial capital, plus interest within five years. Debt financing allows investors to be paid back quickly and on a predictable schedule rather than waiting for an exit event (sale of business, additional round of funding, etc.).  Investors do not have an equity stake in the business. 

See sample return schedule below, actual return may vary depending on the rate at which the principal is paid back.  

See more details in the business plan available for download at the right of this page.

Why Invest in The Marketplace?

Be part of a project that is long-overdue in Austin, and one that local design professionals have been requesting for years

  • Bring the best of design to Austin

  • Enhance our reputation as a world-class creative destination

  • Encourage creative jobs

  • Support local designers and artisans  

  • Potential to earn above-market return rates

We will be hosting several informational sessions over the next few months, visit our website for details.  Feel free to contact Anita with any questions or comments.

Invest Now

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